Experience a Slice of Italy at Ciao Bella

Welcome to Ciao Bella, where we aim to transport you to Italy through our cuisine and hospitality. Nestled in the heart of Florida and New Smyrna Beach, we take great pride in offering both delectable dishes and sincere, attentive service, ensuring each meal is memorable.

An Authentic Italian Oasis

Step inside Ciao Bella and you’ll be enveloped by the aromas of a bustling trattoria in Italy. The lively atmosphere and sounds of traditional songs will have you feeling like you’ve been whisked across the sea. Our goal is to provide an authentic escape through every aspect of the Italian restaurant experience.

flavorful Fare Close By

No longer must you travel far for flavorful Italian Restaurant Experience. At Ciao Bella, our menu changes regularly to highlight seasonal ingredients and recipes passed down for generations. Whether craving our wood-fired pizzas, lasagna brimming with Bolognese ragu, or fettuccine tossed with Parmesan and cream, each dish celebrates time-honored traditions.

Exceptional Service with Every Meal

While the food is unparalleled, it’s the warm hospitality that makes dining with us truly memorable. Our attentive staff aims to tend to your every need so you feel part of the Ciao Bella family with each visit. From the moment you arrive until well after your plate is cleared, you’ll experience sincere Italian service.

Serving the Local Community

Ciao Bella is honored to be a staple for both residents and visitors to Florida and New Smyrna Beach. Whether joining us for a quick lunch or leisurely family dinner, our central location makes enjoying authentic Italian Restaurant Experience, an easy pleasure without long travel. Bon appétit!

Why Choose Ciao Bella?

When selecting Ciao Bella, you can rely on quality ingredients, accuracy to tradition, and feeling transported to Italy. Some reasons to dine with us:

Authentic Dishes: Recipes dating back generations result in intensely flavorful meals.

Fresh, Local Ingredients: Only the freshest produce and proteins ensure maximum taste with each bite.

Warm, Inviting Atmosphere: Low lighting and intimate tables foster a relaxing environment for all.

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